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JN Foundation, IDB to bring financial services to rural communities

Are you living in a rural community? Do you have access to ATMs or Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals? Have you been thinking it might be time for your community to have access to financial services as others enjoy in urban centers? With access to these services in your area you no longer have to:
(a) spend money on transportation to get access to your money ­­­­­­­­­­
(b) make long, exhausting trips to the major town or
(c) lose time off from work or your business to travel

The JN Foundation in association with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will be launching the ground-breaking project, which is aimed at providing financial services to underserved rural communities. These include: remittances and cash payout, loan repayments and debit card services. The Script Agent Project is the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

On Friday, February 10, team members of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation travelled to Albert Town, Trelawny and Balaclava, St. Elizabeth in order to meet with prospective stakeholders of the Script Agent Project (SPA).

Beneficiary Communities 

  • Albert Town, Trelawny   
  • Balaclava, St. Elizabeth   
  • Lionel Town, Clarendon   
  • Southfield, St. Elizabeth   
  • Croft’s Hill, Clarendon   
  • Point Hill, St. Catherine   
  • Yallahs, St. Thomas   
  • Buff Bay, Portland   
  • Grange Hill, Westmoreland   
  • Glengoffe, St. Catherine

Better air quality
Glenroy Williams has his nose and mouth covered while standing along Spanish Town Road in St Andrew last week, as thick smoke from a fire at the nearby Riverton landfill clouds the air.- Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer. Source: Jamaica Gleaner.
Travelling by car, the JN Foundation team members noticed the stark difference in air quality as they made their way deeper into rural Jamaica. Unlike in Kingston, where firefighters have been battling a fire at the Riverton City solid waste dump, the sun beamed through the beautiful blue sky.
As expected there was lush green vegetation that covered the never ending mountainous terrain that was interspersed with plazas, houses and other structures.  The climate was relatively humid and cool.

Sightseeing … Fun memories

Several stops were made while en route to Albert Town in order to capture images of churches, police stations, old buildings, plantations and of course no trip out of town would be complete without photographing a donkey. Click here to view our photo album. All and all, driving through yam country Trelawny was magical. One felt in sync with nature. The people we encountered in Balaclava and Albert Town were warm and friendly.
6 worthwhile things to know about Albert Town and Balaclava … 

  • Albert Town is famous for its Yam Festival 
  • Albert Town is located south of the Cockpit Country, Trelawny
  • Albert Town was originally known as “Santa Hill” because of the large number of Santa Maria plants in the area
  • Balaclava is known for the Kendall Train Crash 
  • Balaclava is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth
  • Balaclava got its name from the Roberts family after the place in Kenysham, England, from which they came
Where will the JN Foundation team be going next? Stay tuned for more details.
Now it’s your turn!
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Innovating, Inspiring, Impacting!

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