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JN Foundation Volunteers in ACT!ON – Do Good Jamaica Kingston Book Festival

Last Saturday March 17, 2012 wasn’t business as usual at The Emancipation Park. Located in the heart of the parish of St. Andrew, the park was transformed into a gigantic children’s village for the first staging of Do Good Jamaica’s Crayons Count initiative and the culmination of Book Industry Association of Jamaica’s, Kingston Book Festival.

It was an exciting day for the team at the JN Foundation, as we officially launched our new Act!on Jamaica Volunteer Corps! The Action Jamaica programme is geared at galvanizing the efforts of Jamaicans at home and abroad who have a desire to give back to community and national development. The JN Foundation matches volunteers with activities and opportunities to use their skills in areas of their interest. We recruited 8 volunteers to help us sign up interested persons for the volunteer programme. And were we proud! Our volunteers arrived early and immediately jumped in the ACT!ON, acquiring 111 new volunteers in just a few hours. They had a mission and they rocked it!

We’re delighted at the support we receive from patrons who visited our booth and made purchases of the JNBS-sponsored books, The Story of Westmoreland and Behind the Scenes at King’s House. The Minister of Education, the Rev. Hon. Ronnie Thwaites also stopped at our booth for a visit and we’re thankful for his encouraging words.

The Jamaica 50 endorsed event was timely as it encouraged our children, the future generation of Jamaica, to develop a greater appreciation for colouring and reading. Pundits believe that these two activities help to stimulate learning and brain development. The organisers have identified thousands of primary schools across the island that will benefit from donations made by parents (books, crayon bits etc.) at the event.

Ensuring that our children get an early start on their educational journey should be a top priority for us all. We lift our hats to the organizers of Crayons Count/Kingston Book Festival for creating an atmosphere that fostered their desire for reading and colouring. You should have seen the happy expressions on the children’s faces as they played, read, and coloured!

Do Good Jamaica Crayons Count/ Kingston Book Festival was a success!

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