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The Resolution Project Award Ceremony 2012



With less than 24 hours to go, preparations are in high gear for this year’s staging of the Resolution Project Awards Ceremony.

Since 2004, the Resolution Project advocacy programme of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation has been equipping and training students in high schools outside of the Kingston and St. Andrew Metropolitan Area in the art of photography and advocacy.

More than 150 students entered this year’s competition under the theme “The Best of Jamaica: Arts, Sports, Culture and Heritage” in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence in 2012.

Resolution Project is a collaborative effort of the JN Foundation, the United Nations Population Fund and The Gleaner’s Youthlink Magazine.

Participating schools (2011/2012):

– Aaubuthnott Gallimore High

– Ocho Rios High

– Guy’s Hill High

– Mile Gully High

– Christiana High

– Savanna-La-Mar High

– Godfrey Stewart High

– Manning’s

– Grange Hill High

– Frome Technical High

– Oracabessa High

– Carron Hall High

– Westwood High

– Maldon High

– Spot Valley High

– Paul Bogle High

– Glenmuir High

– Knox College

– Spaulding High

– Vere Technical High

– Bustamante High

– Clarendon College

– Garvey Maceo High

– Foga Road High

Will your school be the champion this year? Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter (@JNFoundation) pages to find out.


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