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JN Foundation’s Resolution Project scores big in the National Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition!

The National Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition

“Jamaica at 50: Celebrating Our Nation’s Artistic Heritage and Future”

Jamaica National Building Society Foundation sweep the prizes!

Sectional  Prize Winners

Summit Prize

For the Top School or School Club) Kindergarten, Preparatory, Primary or High School) with the highest number of Jury selected entries.

Award: J$10,000.00 cash plus trophy


The JNBS Foundation is the charitable arm of the Jamaica National Building Society that was instituted in 1990 to manage the philanthropic efforts and projects of the Society. The Jamaica National Resolution Project is a programme of the Foundation that targets teenagers in Jamaica’s rural high schools to use the creative media of photography to critically look at their communities and through their artwork, make an appeal for positive change. The programme evolved from the Youth Zoom that was established in 2004 that aimed to teach high school students how to capture images of positive and negative situation in their communities. The Resolution Project infuses the element of youth advocacy in the art of photography. The programme continues to target rural schools that are encouraged to form photography clubs throughout the island.

Youth 12 – 14

Nickala Brown             Mobile Market                                                 Regular Entry

Rashane Campbell     Past accomplishments                                    Regular Entry

Ashlie Parchment         Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone                Regular Entry

Ashlie Parchment         Past, Present and Future                                  Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Kaveen Walker            Mom                                                                Regular Entry

Kaveen Walker            Today’s Catch                                                            Regular Entry

Youth 15 – 18

Oreva Apokene          Glimpse of Former Glory                                  Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Nasieka Brown                        Streetside Hustling                                           Regular Entry

Tehri-Ann Brown           By The Sweat of My Brow                                Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Orlando Bryan             Entrepreneur                                                    Regular Entry

Orlando Bryan             Market Come To You                                      Regular Entry

Toni-Jade Chin            Artisans                                                            Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Veneisa Gayle             Boat Builder                                                     Regular Entry

Deneka Gooden         Follower                                                           Regular Entry

Monique Griffiths         Happy for Work                                               Regular Entry

Mikhail Henry               Black, Green and Gold                                   Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Mikhail Henry               We Serve                                                          Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Scereki Hinds               Really?                                                             Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Kamille Kirlew              Tools of Yester Year                                         Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Jamaica 50 Youth Prize

Stanley Ramdeen        Simmer Down                                                  Regular Entry

Naomi Redway           Jamique                                                          Regular Entry

Naomi Redway           Just Imagine                                                    Regular Entry

Naomi Redway           Rastaman                                                        Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Shanae Sands             Only in Negril                                                   Regular Entry

Omar Spence              Duppy Church                                                 Jamaica 50 Special Entry

Mickae Walters            Good Over Evil                                                Regular Entry


There was also one adult entrant from the Granville Resolution Project who submitted work

Michka Walters            Vantage Point                                                 Regular Entry

Each individual received an Exhibition Honours Certificate and additionally for those who submitted Jamaica 50 themed work a special Jamaica 50 medal.

Top Teacher Prize

For the Top School or School Club) Kindergarten, Preparatory, Primary or High School) with the highest number of Jury selected entries.

Award: J$60,000.00 cash plus trophy


The JN Resolution Project continues it’s work through the knowledge of expert photographers to train students in the art of photography.


For the best Jamaica 50-themed entries by jury vote.


Awarded to KAMILLE KIRLEW fro “Tools of Yester Year”

Award: $50,000.00 cash plus commemorative plaque.

Kamille hails from Clarendon and is 17-year-old Knox College student. She take photographs in her spare time and is a participant in the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation’s Resolution Project.


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