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Road Rage: Hints about your attitude

Has anyone ever showed you a finger, verbally assaulted you, or even ‘bad-driven’ you in traffic?

Unfortunately, you have been a victim of road rage! 

So, what exactly is road rage anyway? Road rage is violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle.

Accidents are not the only cause of death on the road – there is also road rage.  Check out these simple yet useful guidelines that may help you overcome road rage:

  • Be patient, considerate and courteous. Respect one another and preserve the GIFT OF LIFE.
  • Do not react to provocation by other drivers nor attempt to provoke them;
  • Do not flash your lights or use your horn in order to pass other vehicles; and
  • While travelling, motorists must maintain at least a three second following distance. This is equivalent to at least 2 car lengths.

Driving may be stressful at times, however, we should all play our part to ensure that we drive in a safe and relaxed environment. We hope that you found the tips we’ve shared with you, to be helpful. Feel free to re-share them with your friends.


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