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Nelson Mandela turns 94: ‘Take Action, Inspire Change, and Make every day a Mandela Day’


Mandela spent 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. Since 2009, in celebration of Mr Mandela’s life and legacy, July 18is observed in South Africa as Nelson Mandela Day. On this day, individuals are asked to give 67 minutes of their time to be of service to others, be it supporting a charity or serving their local community.

In 2011, the day was officially adopted by the United Nation as ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’. The day not only celebrates Nelson Mandela’s life, but also represents a global call to action for people to recognize their ability to have a positive effect on others around them. The day hopes to inspire people to embrace the values that Mandela shared. These values include democracy, freedom, equality, diversity, reconciliation, and respect.  This year, under the theme ‘Take Action, Inspire Change, and Make every day a Mandela Day’, individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place.

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation believes in the power of the individual to do good. As such, the message of the Foundation has always been one of a call to ‘Act!on’, whereby Jamaicans are encouraged to ‘Take Act!on’ to inspire change, and positively impact the lives of others and their communities. Through our Act!on Jamaica volunteer programme, Jamaicans are given opportunities to give back meaningful ways, by participating in national and community development initiatives.

Based on Mandela’s passion for children, the JN Foundation will be undertaking an activity aimed at engaging working and street children in Kingston, and Spanish Town. According to the National Survey of Street and Working Children 2003, the number of working and street children is approximately 6,000, of which boys out number girls by a ratio of 70:30. Many of these children end up on the street as a result of poverty, neglect, and/or abuse. Often times isolated from local communities, and having to ‘hustle’ for survival, they become vulnerable to criminal enterprises, and are at risk.

Several organisations in Jamaica have dedicated resources to improve the plight of these children.  After consultation with these organisations, the Foundation decided to host a clinic that will address some critical needs.  The clinic will be held on Nelson Mandela Day on July 18 at Children First Premises in Spanish Town, and YMCA in Kingston. This will be done in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH); Fish Eye Clinic; Registrar Generals Department; and, the Tax Administration Office to provide relevant services free of cost to participants.


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